The David Miller Disambiguation Page

I am:

David Marshall Miller – Associate Professor of Philosophy, Auburn University.

I am not:

David Philip Miller – Professor of History and Philosophy, University of New South Wales. Historian of science.*

David Miller – Emeritus Reader of Philosophy, University of Warwick. Popper scholar.*

David Miller – Vice President, Global Business Development and Marketing, Duke Corporate Education, Inc.†

David MillerInstructor, Aviation, Auburn University.†

David W. Miller – Director, Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative.†

David J. Miller – Former Associate Vice President for Facilities, Iowa State University.†

David Dylan Miller – Yale class of 2007.†

David Brooks Miller – Yale Law School class of 1999.†

David Miller – Official Fellow and Professor of Political Theory, Nuffield College, University of Oxford.

David Lee Miller – Carolina Distinguished Professor of English, University of South Carolina.

David C. Miller – Professor of English, Allegheny College.

David W. Miller – Jerome C. Hunsaker Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Director, Space Systems Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Former Chief Technologist, NASA.

David L. Miller – Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Drexel University.

David H. Miller – Professor of Physics, Purdue University.

David B. Miller – Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Connecticut.

David A. B. Miller – W. M. Keck Foundation Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University.

David Paul Miller – Wilkonson Chair Professor of Intelligent Systems, Oklahoma University.

David J. Miller – Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University.

David J. Miller – Professor Emeritus of Physics, University College London.

David J. Miller – Lecturer of Physics, University of Glasgow.

David J. Miller – Cinematographer, The Good Place and other television shows.

David A. Miller – Associate Professor of Economics, University of Michigan.

David L. Miller – Founding Fellow, The Imaginal Institute. Watson-Ledden Professor of Religion, Emeritus, Syracuse University.

David Raymond Miller – Former Mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

David E. Miller – Former Representative, 29th District, and Assistant Majority Leader, Illinois General Assembly.

David Alan Miller – Conductor and Music Director, Albany Symphony.

David S. Miller – Director of Athletics, Upper Iowa University.

David Andrew Miller – South African cricketer.

David Miller – Tenor of the group Il Divo.

David Marshall Miller – Catholic blogger.

* indicates those with whom I have been explicitly confused.

† indicates those whose mail has been misdirected to me.